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 Triksy and the Dragon

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PostSubject: Triksy and the Dragon   Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:16 am

Emanee looked nervously around her, it was a wednesday evening and she had made her way from Theramore to the Wyrmbog to scout out Onyxia's lair and to see whether the foul beast had once more mysteriously reappeared from the grave.

In her cat form she snuck into the cave and peered into the humid darkness, where the Exiles had slain the great beast previously. She gasped as she saw Onyxia sleeping in the cave, and quickly hurried out lest she interest Onyxia's guard. Sighing as she reached the fanged entrance to the lair she called out across the mind link between the other exiles

"Onyxia is alive again, does anyone wish to slay her?". A few moments later a female voice replied with a simple "certianly" Emanee instantly recognised it as that of her sister's mother-in-law Triksy, a fearless warrior that Emanee had joined on many missions in the past. Quickly opening a personal mind link with Triksy, Emanee spoke further with Triksy about the logistics of such an attempt on Onyxia's life - neither of the women could sense the leader of the exiles over the mind link, nor had either led such a raid . As they spoke more, they became more determined to give it a go regardless and began to gather a group of brave adventurers in order to prepare for the battle.

Initially few were interested in the plan, but as more voiced an interest the group grew in number, even Gurthang expressed interest in seeing the Dragon dead dispite his seemingly continual bad mood. Finally with a group of 20 brave exiles and a few of their friends it was time to assemble at the Wrymbog and to begin final preparations for the battle. Emanee and Triksy stood back as the mottled band of fighters began to gather, Emanee noticed that she was shaking slightly.

"Triksy?" she asked "Are you sure we can do this? I have no idea what would be best in terms of the methods of grouping people for the battle, and my understanding of fighting is simple at best!"

As Triksy began to speak calming words a familar voice came over the mind link "Hidden" Emanee and Triksy gasped, calling out to him they asked if he wished to join the assembled team, she also noticed the presence of the Dragon Slayer Kafira, and asked her whether she wished to join in the fight to ensure that Onyxia was slain once more.

With both fighters replying in the affirmative the group was fainally prepared for battle. At this point the leader of the Exiles swiftly took the lead Emanee breathing a sigh of relief as he explained the best methods in which to deal with the dragon, and the roles that each member of the team would play.

The last preparations were made, and then came the word to move forward into the grimy darkly lit tunnel that led to her lair. Onyxia's guard were swiftly dispatched with Triksy's blade, and within moments the group were nervously awaiting the order from Hiddenshadow to begin attacking Onyxia.

Triksy charged down into the lair awakening the dragon with an almighty crash as her sword pounded into the dragons' thick scales, the others forming a wide circle around her huge cumbersome body- afraid to get too close to her huge tail or fiery mouth. The warrior soon had Onyxia under her control taunting her and allowing the other fighters to begin their attack without the dragon being able to attack them.

Suddenly like a rocket she took to the air, and smaller dragons began to appear at the sides of the cave attacking all those unfortunate enough to be near to them. The mages expertly and swiftly dispatched these whelps and once more the team could focus their efforts on the dragon, whether they be cursing, using shadow spells even throwing stones, anything to kill her! Eventually floundering slightly Onyxia returned to the floor of the cave ferociously attacking all around her, until Triksy was able to once more gain her attention and thus take control of the situation. With Onyxia's attention upon Triksy once more (trying to turn her into a night elf fireball one might add), the attackes continued relentlessley, blow after blow until finally with a loud crash the dragon fell to the floor, dead.

Everyone bandaged from their encounter it was time to see what bounties lay in her belly, from the countless mortals who had perished before. Gurthang recieved an axe (then promptly disappeared possibly to moan some more), Wallach recieved a beautiful ring and most excitingly of all Kafira received a magnificient helm, as did Emanee, there was also various gold coins, shared out amongst the group as reward for the hard work and effort.

As the various members dispersed Emanee looked and smiled at Triksy, so proud of her ability to control the situation and protect the others around her whilst she lay blow upon blow onto the foul smelling creature which now lay lifeless on the floor as Kafira quietly skinned the corpse.

"You did good Triksy" she said quietly "you should be proud of this evening." and with that they walked to the cave entrance, mounted up and went their seperate ways.

Strolling out of the lair with shaky legs but a great satisfaction Triksy Looks Back into the cave and lets out a sigh .... It was over.... Not being confident in herself to accomplish such a fight only a while ago.
Having the lives of so many on ones shoulders was a Big burden, now she knew how Deadben felt.
Thoroughly overjoyed with all the cheering and smiling of keeping most of her people out of harms reach was gratifying and watching that huge beastly dragon fall to the ground had been even more.
Safe in the city of Storm wind and tucked in for the night Triksy was Thankful that the great leader Hiddenshadow gave her enough strength through the mind link to make her triumphant!
Whilst pictures of the lovely Emanee danced through her mind wearing her new helmet, Triksy thought to herself of what a great woman our Emmy truly was.

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Triksy and the Dragon
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