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 A trip to Astranaar, the none-adventure of Emanee and Leaf

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PostSubject: A trip to Astranaar, the none-adventure of Emanee and Leaf   Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:11 am

Last night, as I was happily killing foul creatures south of Astranaar a couple of horde decided that it would be fun to attack me. Obviously I wasn't best pleased with this course of action they undertook, and it hurt rather badly.

Once I had healed myself I continued to slay the beasts whilst being most aware that I could still smell the pungent aroma of the undead in the air. Unsuprisingly these foul beasts decided that it would be fun to attack me once more. Irritated by this second attack, and not wishing for another with a couple of under-the-breath swearwords I turned into a cat and travelled hidden back to the Gryphon master of Astranaar, where I asked for passage to Auberdine then caught the ship to Menethil harbour where I'd been informed that there were crocolisks skins required by the tanner there.

Then I heard a familiar little voice in my head suggesting that she would like to kill some horde. Irritated by the earlier attacks in Astranaar I suggested to Leaf that maybe she would like to come with me to Astranaar and we could see if the horde were still around.

I left my crocolisk slaying and quickly travelled to Astranaar to meet Leaf, and from there we travelled towards Silverwing outpost in order to teach the horde a lesson, but could we find them? I can only think that they were hiding at the sight of us, and so Leaf hid herself and followed me to see whether the sight of a lone druid would draw them out. Alas maybe they could sense the rouge for they still seemed hesitant to attack.

We continued our journey and soon ended up at Splintertree post, where only the guards seemed interested in attacking me- of course then they would feel a stabbing pain in the back, shortly followed by death thanks to a rouge. Suddenly I was under the effects of fear- whilst Leaf was dealing with the guard a Warlock had snuck up behind us and began to attack me- and so the fun began!

Finally there were a couple of horde who seemed interested in attacking me, including a mage - though suprisingly there were many horde who simply avoided us- maybe they had seen the rouge, maybe they were scared I am unsure of this, I would like to think they were scared of me of course.

We continued to The Den, and again there were no others than the horde guard willing to attack. I must have smelt more strongly to them than leaf (perhaps I should wash a little more often), as they all seemed to attack me from a far distance away. With the help (ok.. I'll admit leaf did most of the killing) we destroyed the guard, and yelled at the yellow bellied scardy cats to come give us a fight. When this wasn't forthcoming we moved into the Barrens and towards Crossroads.

Here, once more the Officers seemed much more interested in me, but once removed from this world we were able to enter, where we finally met some horde worthy of battle. They were all sat in their camp fighting each other, and so leaf was able to sneak up and dispatch one or two quite rapidly, however some of the scum were quite experianced and soon injured me and Leaf.

I returned to the scene and there was an undead warrior jumping up and down at me! I wasnt sure what to do, so I decided to dance.

At this point I realised that I was perhaps too inexperianced to be at the Crossroads, and that I really should return to the wetlands to continue my task. After consulation with Leaf, and thanks for a great evening I returned to Astranaar for a brief nap before heading back to the wetlands for more Crocolisk skins!
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PostSubject: Re: A trip to Astranaar, the none-adventure of Emanee and Leaf   Wed Jul 15, 2009 5:37 pm

Ah good times. :}
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A trip to Astranaar, the none-adventure of Emanee and Leaf
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