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 Fight! Fight! Nomirou Vs. Banesblade

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PostSubject: Fight! Fight! Nomirou Vs. Banesblade   Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:06 am

When I heard these two arguing early on Monday evening as I flew to the Wetlands to practice stalking (sorry Kershey!), and when it escalated into a fight I quickly travelled back to stormwind to watch the action unfold.

I'll let each side tell their tales here, but for now I'll leave you with some images of the evening.

I got word that there was a fight brewing between the demon child Banesblade (though I was led to believe the demon was safe and away from the boy), and Nomirou, so obviously I made my way to watch and maybe learn.

I arrived to find the two exiles at it like wolves..

Though Nomirou was victorious...

And so got to carry out his experiments on Bane

Who then made a run for it back into stormwind, but not without trying to stab Nomirou in the back...

This makes me wonder if Banes demon is so safe afterall ~ I think it may have returned once more.
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Fight! Fight! Nomirou Vs. Banesblade
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