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 A journey to Wailing Caverns

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PostSubject: A journey to Wailing Caverns   Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:03 am

A wonderful trip to the Wailing Caverns was undertaken by Kaaboom, Tylarin, Nomirou, Candee, Ryuna and myself. Tylarin was most gracious in showing us the way through the twisted caves, and even took it upon himself to fetch the enemies and foes to us, so that we may wonder in the ever so slightly corrupted beauty of it all. Nomirou joineed us in order to study the corruption as a final part of his Warlock training. He has now completed this *cheer*. Ryuna a yound Druid also joined us in this mission, she is a close friend of my sister Aeiseth, and also used to guide me in Ashenvale when I was perhaps more inexperianced than I am now. Candee a young warlock graced us with her presence and provided us with the nessasary portal to drag Ryuna and Nomirou through in order to reach us swiftly. Finally one of Elloa's friends a young Warlock by the name of Kaaboom also joined us, this young fearless warlock was most helpful, if we did get perhaps a little lost together....

As we waited....

Tylarins' sweet offering to us all

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A journey to Wailing Caverns
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