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 Aeiseth and Tylarin's Wedding

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PostSubject: Aeiseth and Tylarin's Wedding   Wed Jul 15, 2009 11:00 am

As you all should be aware Aeiseth and Tylarin are now married.

The pictures of the joyous night follow.

Intitially it began as a guild meeting, where hidden announced that we will 'help' the Dranei to get back to wherever they came from, there was also some talk of Onyxia *blush*

Then it was time for the wedding.

Many venues were visited and deemed unsuitable for one reason or another. Eventually we settled upon Stomguarde, and a tower there.

Hiddenshadow led the first part of the ceremony... and perhaps embarassed Tylarin.

Then Elloa took over the procedings adding a voodoo twist to the affairs, where it was up to Tylarin to fight for his wife-to-be, whilst Aeiseth was appointed with special oils.

Finally Tylarin was deemed worthy, and the couple passed around the fire to seal their union.

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Aeiseth and Tylarin's Wedding
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