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 Order Of Illumination - The Moment, Azeems Retribution - by Azeem

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PostSubject: Order Of Illumination - The Moment, Azeems Retribution - by Azeem   Tue Jun 30, 2009 11:45 am

It was true! He could see her with the sword outstretched before her. Caressing it as if to taunt him. His brotherís edge! The thieving whore would die for this. It took him less than 8 strides to cover the massive expanse of the Order's hall and land a hammer like blow that lifted her from her chair and crashing against the floor. The second was an attempt to crush her skull but his anger and rage consumed him and slighted his aim. The girl was barely conscious when he grabbed her by her throat and cuffed her across her face. He wanted answers from this undeserving retch.

"Tell me when you stole this, you thieving whore? By the light I will make you suffer if you do not tell me."

He threw her into the wall and attacked her with relentless fury. He felt her ribs give way as he lifted her from the ground. He could see the fear in her eyes and her one good eye recognising the inquisitorial "I" tattooed on his neck.

Neophytes screamed with panic at the sight of Azeem crushing the life from Tattersail's battered body. Anselma tried to grab at Azeemís' giant like hands to prise him from Tattersail's throat but only succeeded in ripping his shirt. He turned on her and lashed out a back handed blow that launched her across the hall and crashing through a nearby table.

Tearing his shirt off and standing there with his brotherís sword clutched firmly in his hand and his glowing rune tattoos burning brightly on his dark skin, he whispered a quiet prayer and levelled the edge at Tattersails' neck.

Blood and drool seeping from her mouth she screamed at him. "Do it. Come on, do it you frakker. Kill me already, for Lights' sake. Kill me! Do it! I've got nothing left, nothing but hate! Frakking kill me and get it over with you bastard!"

It couldnít be, he thought to himself. "What...what do you mean?"

"I mean, what have I got left? No family, no life, no future. Endless pain. All these questions and no frakking answers. I'm sick of all these chains and not knowing whatís happening and I'm so frakking tired of it all. All that I have left to pull me on is hate. So kill me, please. Please end this."

Looking upon her body he could see her chains. Those same chains. He lowered the blade and allowed the shadows to consume the hall.

"I....I knew a man once who had only hate. He was...my brother, my closest friend. We walked the shadows together for a long time and spilled our blood together more times than I care to remember. He was cursed with a soul wrapped in chains, chains that nothing could break. These same chains took him from me."

He tore his eyes from her and fixed them upon the blade.

"I forged that blade for him long ago. It was known then as Hate's Edge." The rage in his voice was drained. He could see his brother in this fragile paladin before him. ďI do not know or understand why, but I see something of him in you. Somehow I feel as though he is here with you."

Gone was his rage and fury with this young girl. His mind was replaced with a focus and hate towards the powers that had come to destroy his Order. This girl was the link to his brother. The shadows finally engulfed the room and he offered his hand.

"His name was Cartheron Desant Severus. If you wish, I will teach you of him and the work we did."

She took his hand and they were gone. An empty hall all that was left of the onslaught of Azeemís fury.
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PostSubject: Re: Order Of Illumination - The Moment, Azeems Retribution - by Azeem   Tue Jun 30, 2009 4:18 pm

There seems to be some truely awesome writing talent hiding in the Order...thank you for sharing these stories with us. Smile

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Order Of Illumination - The Moment, Azeems Retribution - by Azeem
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