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 Order Of Illumination - A Blinding Light and The Stench of Death - by Azeem

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PostSubject: Order Of Illumination - A Blinding Light and The Stench of Death - by Azeem   Tue Jun 30, 2009 11:32 am

A blinding light and the stench of death... Thatís all he remembered, no recollection of who he was or what he was doing in the harsh cold tundra.

Wrapped in the rotting furs of a sickly mammoth he looked like something more akin to a ghoul, but up close there was fire in those big dark eyes. Standing just shy of 7ft tall and with skin the colour of duskwood oak, not much could scare this barbarian behemoth. But his lack of memories pulled at the strings of his sanity.

Days passed and food was scarce, he needed rest and warmth before his body finally gave up. He spied a recess in the face of the mountains and slowly trudged his was to the entrance. With barely enough room to house his enormous bulk and out the cold winds, unconsciousness overcame him and he slipped into delirium.

A Cross, A Cathedral, Towering White Spires, Laughter, Light. Images flashed before his eyes. What did all these mean? Were these his memories or his mind dreaming up images to taunt him until his body expired.

A face staring down at him, he knew this face... Dread flowed over him and threatened to consume him. He had let this face down. A severed head next to a decapitated corpse. His Brother, The other beating heart of his soul.... Cartheron.

Memories came flooding back in a torrent he could not control. His unconscious form burning with righteous fire melting the ice filled cave and smoothing the rough rock underneath with molten fury until at last peace...

Light everywhere. Bright shining light, he could see steps to the cathedral and just make out a figure in the archway. He knew this face too. This was the lightbringer. This was Uther.

"Leave my son, it is not your time".....

Broken of his delirium and no longer feeling the cold of the glass cutting winds, Azeem stood tall with an aura of pale yellow light surrounding his frame. "Your soul is safe brother and I will have vengeance".
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Order Of Illumination - A Blinding Light and The Stench of Death - by Azeem
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