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 Our characters - aka: the post your alts thread

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PostSubject: Re: Our characters - aka: the post your alts thread   Sun May 31, 2009 3:54 pm

Opathu 'Two Smile'
Sometimes known as 'The Black Oak', after his former warband and gang. Notorious Orc warlord and barely-tolerated criminal, rumoured consort of demons. Wears gaudy, expensive silks, is laced in prison tattoos and has two gigantic gold-capped tusks. Massively built, more like a Mok'nathal orc. Possessed of great cunning - and unbelievable luck - if you believe the tales. Has downed several famous Alliance (and other) figures, as well as carrying out numerous escapades, during his long career. One of the first orcs to deal extensively with the goblins of the Steamwheedle Cartel.

'Prince' Suulas Var'Nedris
Sin'dorei playboy and proprietor of that much-loved (or maligned) house of vice and virtue, The Pleasure Pits of Silvermoon. Silver-tongued, a charmer, who fancies himself (perhaps erroneously) as something of a power broker and diplomat. Dominated by his fiercesome matriarch some say and after some struggles, now kow-tows to Opathu, one of his investors.

Aldous Lushan ('Lushan')
A somewhat garrulous former priest, now calling himself 'King' of the beggars in Orgrimmar or the Undercity. Or some other dive ...Wears an eye monocle and dresses in rotten finery.

Jar'eel the Hunter
Brutal, short, leatherlike: this female orc is the leading hunter of her tribe and is very much 'what you see is what you get' i.e. hard, tough and short on words. Probably dines on the furry cup, but no-one who's asked her seems to be around anymore.

Arroin The Lost
Once brother to Suulas Var'nedris and a patron of the Houses of Silvermoon, Arroin was lost in battle to the Scourge, only to arise again as a Death Knight. Now he wanders the world, sowing retribution or justice where his whims take him. A mean chess player and master strategist who once had a reputation as a deep thinker and Stoic.

Mournsong, Spirit Talker
A young master of the elements who wanders the plains and talks to the unseen spirits, harnessing the very powers of earth and sky itself for benefit of the warbands he joins.
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Our characters - aka: the post your alts thread
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